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fostering belonging

John Paul Mitchell Systems® (JPMS™) is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusivity and belonging. We stand against racism, violence and hate. True cultural change is achieved through amplifying minoritized voices and increasing visibility of marginalized groups.

JPMS is stronger with employees who feel valued and accepted as they are—within the workplace and as they move about the world. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce will always be a founding principle of our company.

images of JPMS employees at muse phototshoot

images of JPMS employees

Inspired by the initial work done by our Equity and Opportunity Council (EOC), we are investing in Employee Resource Groups (ERG). An ERG provides an invaluable vessel of communication and an opportunity for all employees to:

  • Onboard seamlessly into a work environment with a sense of connection and belonging.
  • Join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences and gain sponsorship directly from JPMS.
  • Advocate for themselves by sharing diverse perspectives and ideas.