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The new JPMS Pro Rewards program gives you more of everything you love—advanced education, salon business solutions, equipment, backbar products and samples, top brand merchandise, travel and exclusive experiences.

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It's So Easy

Join. Earn. Be rewarded! Join our program for FREE and start earning points when you purchase JPMS hair care, styling products, hair color and tools, and incrementally reap the rewards.

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Helping your business grow has never been easier or more rewarding!

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Hair Care

It's the foundation of your business, and the easiest way to start earning.


This is where your salon shines! When it comes to color, your customers trust your expertise. Earn points while you earn their loyalty.

Digital Education

Earn through educational engagement! Completion of select eLearning Product Knowledge courses and select certification programs allows you to earn while you learn!

+ Bonus Education Points

For every General Point earned, JPMS will gift you an additional Education Point! With Education Points, you select the education right for you and your salon—virtual or in person.

Levels Earn Points
Titanium $50,000+ annual purchase
5X Points per $ on Hair Color
4X Points per $ on Hair Care*
Platinum $25,000 - $49,999 annual purchase
4X Points per $ on Hair Color
3X Points per $ on Hair Care*
Gold $10,000 - $24,999 annual purchase
3X Points per $ on Hair Color
2X Points per $ on Hair Care*
Silver $5,000 - $9,999 annual purchase
2X Points per $ on Hair Color
1X Points per $ on Hair Care*
Bronze $0 - $4,999 annual purchase
1X Points per $ on Hair Color
1X Points per $ on Hair Care*
*Includes wet line products and styling tools.
+ Bonus Points For every General Point you earn, you'll also receive a bonus Education Point to use on your choice of featured virtual or in-person learning experiences!

Be Rewarded!

Every purchase you make earns you points for the things you want most.

The greater your investment, the greater your rewards!

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8 Ways to Redeem

Let the fun begin! Whether you want to treat yourself to travel or merchandise, or invest in your business with resources or education‐how you redeem your points is completely up to you!

JPMS Branded Merchandise

JPMS Branded Merchandise

One of our most popular offerings, and a great way to show your JPMS pride!

Backbar + Samples

Backbar + Samples

Use points for Wash House gallons, hair color developers or hair care samples to help drive your Take Home sales.

JPMS Education

JPMS Education

Investing in yourself is the gift that keeps on giving! Journey into our virtual and in-person education experiences to gain knowledge of our latest products, trends and business-building resources.

Business + Education Resources

Business + Education Resources

Get growing with access to salon management software, financial systems, marketing tools and sustainability resources.



Your rewards have the power to make a real difference. Be part of our culture of giving by donating points to your charity of choice.



What's on your wish list? Treat yourself to the latest electronics or appliances for your home or business. You deserve it!



Treat yourself or your team to unforgettable travel experiences. Some rewards really do last a lifetime.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Motivate and incentivize your salon team, colleague or client with gift cards. It's the perfect way to say, "I appreciate you."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

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What is the JPMS Pro Rewards Program?

JPMS Pro Rewards is a free program that gives members the opportunity to earn points for:

  • Each purchase of JPMS products across all brands
  • Referrals
  • Completing select virtual education*

*Education Points can only be redeemed for virtual and in-person learning experiences. Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

Access your personal JPMS Pro Rewards dashboard, review your account balance, find promotional opportunities, and redeem points 24/7 by logging in here.

Please click here to view the JPMS Pro Rewards Terms and Conditions for additional program details.

Do you need a paulmitchell.com login to learn about JPMS Pro Rewards?

No, you can learn about JPMS Pro Rewards by visiting pro.paulmitchell.com/rewards.

What are the benefits of membership?

You'll receive reward points for every JPMS product purchased. The more you purchase and the higher your tier level, the more points you earn! As a member, you'll also get sneak previews of new products and special promotions, plus gain access to book your choice of virtual or in-person education.*

*Education does not apply to the Chain level.

Who is eligible to join?

Salon owners, managers, stylists, barbers and independent stylists in the USA and Canada are eligible to join the JPMS Pro Rewards program. Salon or barbershop groups with multiple locations have a unique tier level. Contact your JPMS Sales Representative or rewards@jpms.com for more information.

If I have more than one salon or barbershop location, can I join JPMS Pro Rewards?

Yes, you can participate in the standard JPMS Pro Rewards program. If all locations have the same account number, then only one location will be enrolled and purchases for all locations will be added to that member account.

For salon or barbershop groups with multiple locations, we offer a separate Chain level. Contact your JPMS Sales Representative for more information.

Can more than one salon location be combined into one master account?

Yes, if you own more than one location and they have different account numbers, you may combine them under one membership. If you currently have multiple memberships that need to be merged into one account, please contact rewards@jpms.com or 866.362.8745.

If I am an active member of the Paul Mitchell® Perks Program, do I need to enroll in JPMS Pro Rewards?

If you are already an active member of the Paul Mitchell® Perks Program, your membership will automatically transfer to the JPMS Pro Rewards Program. Your tier level in the new JPMS Pro Rewards Program is based on your annual purchases.

How do I enroll in JPMS Pro Rewards as a first-time member?

If you are a first-time member, register or login to your account then click here to enroll in Pro Rewards Program. Your Distributor Sales Consultant or Store Associate can also help. It is important to have your distributor's name and account or store card number prior to starting the enrollment process.

How do I find my distributor account or store card number?

The number is typically listed on your receipts and/or invoices. Your distributor is the best resource to confirm this information. Please click here to go to the Distributor Locator.

What are the JPMS Pro Rewards tier levels?

JPMS Pro Rewards offers 5 levels of opportunity: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium, which is for our most elite salons.

Enrollment starts at the Bronze level. Once you meet the next level's purchase criteria, you will automatically be upgraded to that level. Click here to view the Program Levels and Benefits page.

How long will I stay in a tier level?

You will automatically move into a new tier level once the purchase requirement for that next tier is met. Click here to view the purchase thresholds. Depending on your purchasing level on December 31st of each year, you may be moved up or down a level.*

*Does not apply to the Chain level.

Does the program expire without activity?

Members will remain in the program indefinitely, unless there are no purchases on the account for three consecutive years.

How do I add my salon to your Salon Locator?

When you set up your membership, you will be prompted to opt in or out. If you choose to opt in, your salon information will automatically be added to the Salon Locator.*

*Does not apply to the Chain level.

Rewards Points

Will my Perks Program points roll over to JPMS Pro Rewards?

Yes, points will automatically be transferred on September 12, 2023, and are labeled as GENERAL POINTS. Perks Points earned prior to March 2020 will expire on September 30, 2023.

How soon will I begin earning points?

You will begin earning points once your membership is confirmed. We receive monthly reports for your purchases from all distributors. From these reports, points are added to your member account by the last day of the following month (subject to change). For example, points earned for September 2023 will be posted to your account by the end of October 2023. NEW: For every General Point you earn, JPMS will provide one bonus Education Point to be used on select learning experiences!*

Please note that points may be added sooner (or later) than the timeframes shown above, depending on when distributors submit their purchase reports to JPMS.

*Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

What is the difference between General Points and Education Points?

General Points are earned through purchases and referrals. They can be redeemed in all of the reward categories, and they expire after three years.

Education Points are free bonus points you receive for every General Point earned through purchases. You also receive Education Points for completing select eLearning courses on the PM Pro Site eLearning Platform. Education Points can only be redeemed for Education, including select virtual and in-person classes, JPMS shows and events. Education points expire after one year.*

*Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

Can members view their points online?

Yes, click here to visit your member account.

Can members view their tier level status and how much is needed to move up to the next level?

Yes, when you log in to your dashboard, you will see this progress bar on the landing page*

image of the Rewards user dashboard

*Does not apply to the Chain level.

When do my points expire?

General Points expire three years after they are issued, and Education Points* expire one year after they are issued. Example: If points are added on September 1, 2023, General Points would expire on September 1, 2026, and Education Points* would expire on September 1, 2024. Points earned in the Perks Program before March 2020 will expire on September 30, 2023.

*Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

I am not seeing the points that I know I earned. What do I do?

Please contact us at rewards@jpms.com or 866.362.8745, and we will be happy to assist further.

Can I transfer both General Points and Education Points to another member?

Yes, click here to review the process.* You must have the member's email address that is associated with their account to process a transfer.

*Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

If I don't have enough points for an item, can I pay cash for the balance?

Yes, you can increase your balance with a PayPal payment. Please note, point top-off is not available for JPMS Mall items, with the exception of Education.*

*Education does not apply to the Chain level.


What is the JPMS Pro Rewards Mall? Where can I find it?

You must be a JPMS Pro Rewards member to access the JPMS Pro Rewards Mall. You will then be able to redeem points in eight* amazing categories, including travel, merchandise, gift cards, backbar and samples, education, business resources, philanthropy and JPMS branded merchandise!

Sign up for JPMS Pro Rewards here.

Visit the JPMS Pro Rewards Mall here.

*Chain level members can redeem points in seven categories. Education does not apply.

Can orders be sent to a PO Box?

Orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx, and these carriers do not deliver to PO Boxes. Please make sure to provide a physical shipping address. Larger orders will be shipped via freight.

When can I expect my reward order to arrive?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive.

I received my order and something is wrong, what do I do?

If you have questions regarding a non-Paul Mitchell item, email us at jpms_orders@carltonone.com. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been shipped.

If you have questions regarding a Paul Mitchell item, email us at wecare@jpms.com or via phone at 866.362.8745.

What is your return/exchange policy for reward orders?

We do not offer returns or exchanges. Please contact us directly at wecare@jpms.com or 866.362.8745 for further information.

How many points do I need to redeem for JPMS virtual and in-person education classes/workshops?*

Class Options Local Educator Points National Educator Points Artistic Director Points
Foundation Virtual 13,333 21,667 N/A
Foundation In-Person 20,000 28,333 N/A
Advanced Virtual 20,000 28,333 N/A
Advanced In-Person 26,667 35,000 N/A
Mastery Custom Virtual 26,667 50,000 250,000
Mastery Custom Hands-On, In-Person 33,333 58,333 437,500

*Education Points do not apply to the Chain level.

What is the difference between a Local Educator and National Educator?

All JPMS Educators are part of the National Educator Program. In this context, Local Educators are in closer geographical distance to the salon location and provide exceptional general education. When a National Educator is selected, they are typically trainer level educators and are booked throughout the USA and Canada.

Who are the JPMS Artistic Directors?

What is the process for booking a virtual or in-person education class or workshop with my JPMS Pro Rewards Points?*

  1. Log in to your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Education Category.
  3. Select Class Type (Hair Color, Cutting, Style, Texture, Barbering).
  4. Select Class Level (Foundation, Advanced, Mastery).
  5. Select Educator (Local Educator, National Educator). Artistic Directors are only available for Mastery Level Workshops and are subject to availability.
  6. Confirm and complete the purchase transaction.
  7. Once your transaction is complete, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with a link to provide contact information and more detail on your preferences for the class or workshop.
  8. The required information includes salon/shop name, contact name and phone number, address where the class will be held, confirmation of the class name/level and requested date/time. There is also an open field to provide additional information for the Educator on specific interests and brand focus. Specific educators can be requested, but final selection is subject to availability.
  9. Once the Educator is confirmed, they will contact you to secure the date/time and work out the details of the class.
  10. You will receive confirmation of the class name, Educator, date and time.

*Education does not apply to the Chain level.